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live to the beat

We are having a serious cold snap in Sydney so I'm thinking about winter again and maybe projecting on what look we can get for next winter.

Instead of stuffy herringbones and grandpa plaids, lets get down and get cool in a black turtle neck, a leather jacket and some funky checked stove pipe pants, beret and dark glasses.  

If you want to be in the funk, move to the underworld,  get collecting and set up a night in your den of iniquity with slides playing, spin the long play and move to the beat.  Pass me that whiskey, I'm feelin' a jive comin' on..

An open letter to today’s hipster youth: what’s new is old, so get out of the hen house and get collecting.  Curl up with some rambling prose by (1) Jack Kerouac, poster boy for the ‘Beat Generation’ on the (2) plaid London armchair.  You’ll be feeling hairy with that (3) Turkish kilim underfoot; it’s only right that we start playing sides on the (4) 1939 Machine Age RCA 78 Record Player by John Vasso.  All the muscle cats in town have been rocking their (5) WWI officer’s field leathers, why not spend some bread on a (6) 1940s French leather club chair and (7) vintage jacket to match?  Leather-on-leather never felt better.  Time to blast the Edison on the (8) 1960s Italian wan light and turn the place into a pucker palace.  The shadows falling from the (9) Spanish 5-panel screen circa 1800 are no monkey run.  Just get down by the (10) antique Georgian Secretary Bookcase, kitted out with french 1950s black “Jacques Biny” reading lamp, pour yourself a large charge, and dream about living like no tomorrow.  Welcome to Beatsville.

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