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think inside the box

This week, my little sugar cubes, we're going back to square one - sorry Miss Mia Wallace, it's hip to be square. 

Let's flaunt our right angles under the dramatic (1) 60s geometric brass chandelier by C. Jere, before leaning back on the (2) Milo Baughman burled sofa for a spot of Four Corners.  The dicey pair of (3) nickel-plated steel tables with inset glass and (4) brass cube side table are the shape of things to come, while the gorgeous lines of the (5) Milo Baughman geometric chair and ottoman will have you quite frankly wanting to get down and tesselate.  Better whip into shape your art appreciation knowledge: (7) Andy Warhol's portrait of shape shifter Yves Saint Laurent and this (6) abstract Mondrian painting by modern master Mondrian will have you thinking deeply inside the box.  Square away all your bookish knowledge in this (8) Milo Baughman geometric etagere.  It's time to pull some shapes, boxy lady, in this (9) iconic, Mondrian-referencing 1965 Yves Saint Laurent dress.

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