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love nest

From nauseatingly sappy love (see previous post) to high-class raunch, we have it all on tap here at Swoon.  For some tongue-in-cheek fun this Valentine's Day, I've put together a room to ignite your senses. A wonderland of red, the colour of passion, love, power, confidence and, well, brothels.  I'm not usually one for Valentine's Day but for some reason, this year, I'm feelin' the love.  But that's enough talk.  Time for the good bit (click through if you need a little music to loosen you up).

How deep is your love?  Crimson? Scarlet? Carmine? If you collect conquests like a modern-day Marquise de Merteuil your love nest is probably littered with (1) heart-shattering platinum diamond pendants.  Sometimes it's best to be selective and begin subjecting your lovers to close scrutiny before (2) a panel of mirrors.  If they’re lucky you’ll whisper those three little words: oil on canvas. (3) Balcomb Greene’s “Embrace” should inspire action, and there’s something very suggestive about sliding back the black tinted glass of your (4) Willy Rizzo coffee table bar with hidden cocktail compartment (my oh my the Italians do it well).  Hearts will race over the crushingly gorgeous blood red velvet pulled taut on this (5) brazen three-seater.  You can’t bottle that kind of heat, but the heady perfume wafting out of this (6) exquisite Art Nouveau glass perfume bottle should help keep the senses rattled.  Finish things off with these (7) vintage Versace black leather platforms, patently meant for lying around, as is this fiery (8) Filikli rug.  It’s called a shag for a reason.

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