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Pantone colour of 2013 - Emerald Green

Pantone has announced it's colour of the year - Emerald.  I am a lover of emerald green especially in Malachite and Emeralds (mixed with diamonds...)

Green is often considered a cool colour.  And cool in so many ways it is. As Kermit says, sometimes being green can be cool and friendly-like and green can be big like an ocean, or important like a mountain, or tall like a tree. I'm sure you will agree with me here that green can also be super glamorous and sensuous...

So let's gather our wads of green and go shopping again.  You've pictured yourself already haven't you, lounging around this emerald room in your Pucci palazzo pants listening to a long play. Dreaming of dripping in jewels under this (1) 1960s Amber Barovier + Toso Chandelier. Maybe you could just get down and get groovy on the Robyn Cosgrove 'Alhambra' wool rug (2) or perch your pretty little self on these re-conditioned (3) 1950s emerald green chairs, but don't sit for long my precious as you don't own them just yet and we wouldn't want your derrière bruising the velvet.  Oh look, a glass Fred Brouard (4) coffee table...should you or shouldn't you?, catches the dust - thankfully you have good hired help.  Because it's all about you sweetie, you better start flashing that platinum card if you want either of the (5) Willy Daro malachite lamp.  Note to self: Semi-precious stones are so IN, better grab something now to be ahead of the pack, or burn the plastic with this knock-out oil painting (6) Winding Back, 2011 by acclaimed artist Iidiko Kovacs from Martin Browne Contemporary. Better check your lippy in this (7) Starburst mirror from the house of Chaty of Vallauris - you've still got it babe.  Now perch yourself on this (8) 1940s commode by Tommi Parzinger, sip your Cristal champagne and take one last long look before you leave.  It's you isn't it's really you.  Ta, ta Dorothy.  See you soon.

Loving Porter's Paints new palette of summer green paints:

Before you leave our green post, make sure you click the Crystalline Green button below to be moved as Goldfrapp pumps out some electric green vibes.  Too cool. mxx


peace, happiness and thanks

With everything getting a little crazy with our lead up to Christmas, I am bidding you farewell for the year and would like to thank you so much for visiting our blog.

It is wonderful to be able to recap on a year brimming with activity.  I've had the pleasure of designing too many beautiful houses to mention, working with delightful clients both new and existing.  I've had many exciting challenges thrown my way, from completing a barrister's chambers, to designing medium density residential apartments, working with blacksmiths, furniture makes and joiners designing bespoke product, to styling a new French restaurant, sourcing golden-era collectibles from Europe and the US and travelling through Asia for this year's inspiration, and working with the great team who support Melissa Collison Interior Design.  In the studio we've had much fun launching our new website and branding, and publishing this blog.  Thank you to each of you who have been part of 2012, from our wonderful clients and suppliers to my team, friends and loved ones.  Bring on 2013, with peace and happiness to each of you!

Melissa xxx



think inside the box

This week, my little sugar cubes, we're going back to square one - sorry Miss Mia Wallace, it's hip to be square. 

Let's flaunt our right angles under the dramatic (1) 60s geometric brass chandelier by C. Jere, before leaning back on the (2) Milo Baughman burled sofa for a spot of Four Corners.  The dicey pair of (3) nickel-plated steel tables with inset glass and (4) brass cube side table are the shape of things to come, while the gorgeous lines of the (5) Milo Baughman geometric chair and ottoman will have you quite frankly wanting to get down and tesselate.  Better whip into shape your art appreciation knowledge: (7) Andy Warhol's portrait of shape shifter Yves Saint Laurent and this (6) abstract Mondrian painting by modern master Mondrian will have you thinking deeply inside the box.  Square away all your bookish knowledge in this (8) Milo Baughman geometric etagere.  It's time to pull some shapes, boxy lady, in this (9) iconic, Mondrian-referencing 1965 Yves Saint Laurent dress.


hedge fun

We are rolling into Christmas and I'll probably need the bank account of a hedge fund manager to see me through.

If you are lucky enough to have that very balance, and happen to be travelling through Europe at this time of year, then perhaps you could visit some of these gorgeous gardens.   I'm usually more of a tropical soul but I have to admit I just love these pruned-to-within-an-inch-of-perfection gardens.

As a little bit of cheeky hedge fun, I left this faux hedge rabbit (in the first image below) out on my client's tennis court last week as a little gift... hippity hop.




Roll up and rock out

It's almost the 1st of December and I can feel the festive season is well and truly happening.  I can think of no better way to depict fun than to bring out your inner child and the innocence of retro youth with a ferris wheel of amusement park decor.

Roll up, roll up....Anyone ready for the kissing booth?

Your place will be the biggest attraction in town with a splash of retro fun-fair.  Re-live your childhood with this oh-so-collectible (1) 1960s carnival sculpture by C. Jere, which comes complete with ferris wheel, circus tents, shooting gallery and arcade games.  If you ain't tall enough for the rides you can (2) make your hair into a stick of fairy floss like our favourite li’l darling doll face Abbey Lee "ka-ching!" Kershaw, who flashed her baby blues at Vera Wang from beneath a tasty spun candy bouffant.  Heed your calling on (3) the 1950s “Free Rides” painted carnival sign and you’ll soon be seeing stars, just like the ones on these (4) original carousel panels from the USA.  It's time for another sweet confection, a little Italian Ice in the form of (5) an early 1950s Silnovo pendant, which reminds us of the perfectly lit candy colours at (6) Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 show, staged on a whimsical carousel.  We’ll be going round in circles from this point, and the real fun happens out of the show grounds, so you’re best to rock out in the twinkling direction of the (7) fab carnival arrow.


bar concept

Our work is completely varied and we can go from designing a retro home to a super luxury home to a medium residential building and then switch our creative brains over to a new bar.

Check out our drawings and concepts for a bar.  We move from sourcing and designing bespoke furniture, planning and then sketching it up to colouring it in.  

Coloured pencils anyone?



golden days

We are sourcing all things gold for a couple of our projects.  I think we have struck gold:


getting down to business

Those who know me well know that I can get a bit tongue-in-cheek, and like a bit of fun, humour and colour.

Banished are our black and white I am so formal business cards: for 2013 we are going for musk pink and gold! Should I be feeling gilt(y)?



colour my world

I've been thinking a lot about colour lately, trying to define which colour is me. I've been doing this because we are about to have new stationery printed for our studio for next year.

It may sound a little OCD spending so much time trying to get the right colour, but lets face it, when you get cards, letterheads, with compliments slips printed etc, you get kind of stuck with them until they run out.

I have to admit, I've let my stash of these run dry in the last 6 months because I honestly felt that these days we simply just don't need them anymore... then I re-thought...

It's so lovely to touch and feel and see.  So, when I meet someone, it's so nice to leave them with something and hand-write a note and post it rather than shooting off another super quick email.  I now hope Australia Post have some cool stamps.  The ones I have with Girl Guides on them are not going to cut it.  With those thoughts, we will be going retro in my studio and from now on, handing out business cards and posting little notes.

The prediction is blue for the hottest trend for next year, and here is where I have been looking for a little colour inspiration, The Ultra Bright:


popsicles - a super cool trend

First it was blueberry muffins, then cupcakes and now it's just gotta be popsicles - yes popsicles!!

Yummo.  Remember those days when you were little, riding your bike around the streets or taking a spin in your hula hoop with two pigs tails in your hair.  Sun blasting on your face and eating a popsicle.  Those were the days.

Lemonade was a big hit and if your mum was creative enough, you'd be slurping on a frozen pink lemonade or orange juice or for a super sugar hit, green cordial.  Now you can get pineapple and chilli, watermelon and lemonade, peanut and coconut, lime and lavender.

I was reminded of this when I was at a market on the weekend and bought a liana raine popsicle. It was soooooo good.  Watermelon tipped in lemonade.  I didn't want it to end.  

So, forget muffins, cupcakes, frozen yoghurt and ice-cream, my bet is you're going to be poppin' for a designer popsicle - The King of Pop - very soon...