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strut your stuff

I'm in love with this gorgeous, hand-made peacock sculpture I have sourced and purchased from the US for an new bar and restaurant in Sydney I am styling...  Keep your eyes peeled for more rare bird sightings.



ruffled feathers

If you are a regular reader of this blog you'll know that I regularly put together storyboards to inspire a little imagination.  Sometimes these boards are practical, and other times they are not.

Now be patient, you're going to have weave your way through this menagerie of peacock plumage, but you will soon see how the peacock has influenced us in design - from the iconic Wegner chair to the mid-century peacock mirror, to wallpapers and painted ceramics...

Peacocks are revered around the globe and have been for centuries:

It is believed that a peacock (sometimes a pair of peacocks) stands guard at the entrance to the Gates of Paradise. They are also a symbol of the immortality of Christ.  In Buddhist iconography, peacocks are symbols of wisdom. They are compared to the great bodhisattvas for their ability to consume poisonous plants without being affected, just as a bodhisattva is capable of taking in the toxins of human emotion while still attaining Enlightenment.  Native American cultures view the peacock as a symbol of dignity, wholeness, and beauty.  In Greek mythology the peacock is associated with Hera, who placed the decapitated head of the hundred-eyed Argus on the tail of her favorite bird. It is seen to symbolize the heavens and the “eyes” of the stars.  The peacock is associated with the Hindu deity that represents benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, and luck. It is also the national bird of India.  In Japan, the peacock is associated with an emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, good will, nurturing, and kind-heartedness.

However you want to look at the peacock, hopefully this tickles your fancy...

Ready to strut your stuff?  You’ll be enticing all the females with this self-indulgent (1) wallpaper choice for your oh-so-important vanity room.  Let the (2) decorative screen preen itself next to the exquisitely detailed (3) wrought iron chair.  All the chicks will be a fan of your (4) iconic peacock chair, but if that doesn’t ruffle their feathers, hit their gander with your (5) porcelain pot in a spectacular shade of Indian blue.  You’ll be as proud as this ostentatious (6) curtis jere wall sculpture. This mating season it’s all about brilliant colours; think (7) ikat prints and (8) vintage artwork.  Oo-ee looks like you’re in a stand-off between the (9) ornate beaded peacock sculpture and the (10) mid century Jere sculpture.  You're all calling out for the attentions of (11) Brigitte Bardot, but she’s already nestled herself into a bamboo chair of her own.  Never mind, you can just keep stroking your plumage in the reflection of this (12) extravagant mirror frame.  You’re fowl.


on the sea shaw

Following up from our profile on photographer Mark Shaw, here's a taste of fun 60s beach-time glamour...


Mark Shaw

We're on a crusade to bring back glamour and Thank God photographer Mark Shaw was there to capture the fashion and high society of America during the 50s and 60s.  He was the family photographer for the Kennedy's and left as much of a legacy on film as much as he did on the way we make sense of those decades.

This iconic series of 1953 Vanity Fair photogaphs, originally taken for lingerie campaign, are a favourite.

 Shaw also left a wonderful archive of society portaits and models fawning around in interiors.  Definite swoon.


Earthly Delights

I have a fascination with maps, globes and atlases (and dictionaries but I'll leave that for another post).

I love hearing about a tiny village somewhere in the world that I don't know about and then looking it up on a map or in my altas.  And, one of my most desired maps is that of the city of Paris with all it's arrondissements.

It seems, I'm not the only one with this fascination.  Altases, globes and maps are seriously popular as decor in homes but I feel they are more than decor.  They have a function.

Going places?  This c1940s aluminium globe from the USA will have you feeling like a world superpower.  The globe's axes allow it to spin in three different directions - perfect for plotting world domination in the comfort of your own (tastefully decorated) home.  

If getting out of doors is more your style, observe the map-toting style of the model in this vintage Mark Shaw photograph:

Don't forget highly collectable maps and atlases.  How very directional.

So, whether you are looking to join the dots or dreaming of your next adventure, throw a dart and land in the perfect spot.


on the wall

There are so many ways to create dynamic living spaces and here are just a couple of ideas to put a little pop on your wall.

Macrame classes anyone....


The writing's on the wall with this fabulous art piece by Greg Constantine, "Leger Pots" from his Poetic Licenses collection.  

If you're on the wall about that one and want less text and more texture, maybe go for a wall hanging...

The slinky little number on the left is a 70s Paco Rabanne "Space Curtain", made up of the same plasticized metal links used on his iconic mini dresses. The wall macrame on the right is also from the 70s, and is hand crafted with jute, animal bone, ceramic pieces, and beads.


got a fish in my dish

With the sun shining down on this beautiful Friday Sydney morning, I am dreaming about a weekend fishing.

I've mentioned before about things in our lives that shape us and create the woven tapestries that are our lives.  One of the weaves in the tapestry of my life is fishing with my father.

If there is anyone reading this who went fishing a child, memories are probably already flooding back. 

It would be an early night to bed, completely fitted out in fishing appropriate clothes so when we were woken in the darkness of the early hours of the morning, it was a minimum of fuss.

Mum would have prepared some lunch for us.  The basic of lunches.  Usually corned beef, cheese and pickle sandwiches and bottles of orange cordial....Off we went with my grandfathers bamboo rods in tow.

I loved it.  I loved the game of it.  We nearly always went trout fishing so I'd like to think I've got the basics of fly fishing and I certainly know how to thread a lure and even create a daisy chain.  Much to my father's dismay, I usually begged him to let most of the fish go.  So it would be the task of unhooking it and throwing it back in.

Take me back to the tranquil waters and the serene settings and the twinkle of the water, the silence and the sun on my face; 

Sitting on the dock of the bay, wearing your (1) 50s straw hat with enameled white studs, playing with your (2) 60s Hang Ten skateboard... it’s time for a little fishing trip.  This (3) French “Carpe d’Or” sculpture in gilt leaf and resin by Francois-Xavier Lalanne is a nice catch.  All that work with the (4) Heritage Gladstone rod will have you reeling for a snack.  The (5) “Club Sandwiches” in Sharon Core’s C-print should do the trick, just need to lug that (6) 20s Italian picnic set by C. Confalonieri across the grass and plonk yourself down. You look like you need some relaxing whale-song.  Relax to the sounds of the sea courtesy of the (9) 20th century Indian white marble conch shell bowl. 


troppa grazia!

It was a great surprise to get a call from a friend saying she spotted one of our projects in the latest issue of Grazia magazine.  The Runway to Room fashion story cleverly captures the close relationship between fashion and interior design and decor.

As designers we often catch onto a trend or are influenced by something happening in our own lives.  An exotic holiday or business trip, even someone we meet, can transpire in a design.

Many years ago I had a vivid dream of being in a massive, grand bedroom with bare floorboards and 5 metre high ceilings and caramel curtains that swished along the floor.  A few years later I ended up in that very room in Buenos Aires and then a client ended up with that very look in their home...


mid-century new york

Well all know how good the shopping is in New York and I'm not talking clothes, bags and shoes.  That kind of shopping takes me just minutes to do some big damage.  I'm talking about hours and hours with mid-century dealers...

If you come to New York with me - bring your runners. 

Here are a couple of images of just a few of the pieces that caught my eye on a trip there.

And, one of my clients is going to end up with one if their home.  (If you are reading probably know who you are...)



funk me

Wanna get down and get groovy?

It's time to get a little funky then.  Why be serious all the time?

If you want to create a super cool space then maybe you will be inspired by our storyboard below:

I hope you've got your glasses on for this groovy story baby 'cause I'm guessing if you found yourself in this trip out of a room today you might need a Berocca...

While you sip on your Bloody Mary you'll probably need a few Hail Mary's to retrace your steps and figure out how you ended up passed out on the Milo Baughman sofa. Where is your friend who was perched on the 1970's retro upholstered chair straight out of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in London? This looks like scene from The Hangover..I won't bore you with all the details but after there was a game of dominos played, you spilled your drink all over the Paul Evans coffee table.  Rest assured the Dale Frank and the Jeremy Willis acrylic were not damaged...

Tick tock, you're looking a bit like the Corum Skull Clock. You better step outside and hail a cab, you look like you need some rest...